Road Bikes Off Road

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There was Climbing No fun was had. Most of the time we rode our bikes. Sometimes we walked them. And sometimes we shredded. WATER. Thanks Kate for organizing. Can’t wait for the next one.

HD Adventuring

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HD Adventuring is the blog that my Girlfriend Heather and I share. We chronicle our weekend Adventures and our simple living journey. We live in a self-remodeled camper/tinyhouse, and are transitioning our lives to fit in it.  The journey hasn’t been … Continued

An update!

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Where to start…. It’s been a while since I have updated this page, but now I’ve got some interesting stories to tell, and a few minutes. First big update: After spending a few months in Burlington, VT after school, I … Continued

Spring in the ECCC

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What kind of crazy person drives 6 hours through the night, wakes up before the light, and then sits outside all day in the snow to watch bike racing? Well, this kind of crazy person. And all the other crazy folks … Continued

Re-Building Speakers

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A while back I was perusing the local Goodwill store, and came across two large, old Boston Acoustic speakers. They are T1000 series II. Serial numbers 000012 and 000013.   They were $5.00 each, so I wrestled them into my … Continued

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